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​Pay it Forward Programme


My Pay it Forward Programme allows our community to make my classes available to those who might otherwise find cost a barrier at this time by supporting students in one of two ways:


+ Free or subsidised places in weekly classes +

+ Free or subsidised Private 1:1 classes +

Yoga with Bex has always been described by students as both a family and a community, and this programme enables those of you who are in more fortunate positions to sponsor free, or subsidised classes for those facing current financial difficulty.


Your investment serves a greater purpose, as you're not only helping yourself plus one other person. Your generosity is also pumping liquidity into my small business to ensure I can keep offering yoga in my local community for you all.  

The Pay it Forward pot is a virtual piggy bank which you can donate a one off amount into.
Alternatively, you can make a donation in person in class. 

Donate any amount here


1. Contact Bex and mention you'd like to book using a Pay it Forward place, state if it's a class or private 1:1

2.  Bex will contact you to confirm your booking and is free.  This system operates on an honesty basis, no questions asked​, but if you can make a donation towards the cost of your space, donate virtually here

Free places are available to those who:

- Have little income left over after meeting basic needs
- Are unemployed or hold a low income job
- Have little or no access to savings
- Do not regularly partake in costly social events (eating out, going on holiday etc) 

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