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Forever Young - Adult Flute Students

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I have had a variety of adult Flute learners who are ready to come back to music making. Adults carry a self awareness most young students don’t have, creating for an interesting and challenging dialogue in lessons. For adults who are returning to the instrument after a long break, you may find that they overestimate what level of music they should be playing, or what exercises they should be doing. Their memory of the difficulty of music they played where they left off may motivate them to skip some important steps when it comes to refreshing their abilities. It's important to remind them the importance of rebuilding good habits, both so they can play their best, and also so they can avoid any injuries from playing too vigorously too soon. Adult learners often come back to music because they want to play again and have particular music they would like to learn for enjoyment rather then working towards music exams. This is very rewarding and offers enjoyment for both student and teacher.

An open mind is important when you are teaching adults. Their ideas and interests may help you find resources you were unaware of, learn new music, or even adapt teaching methods you hadn’t previously used. I look forward to my adult students’ lessons as a refreshing point in my week where I am able to take on the role of both teacher and student. I always incorporate Duet's which are challenging but fun! Frequently, these lessons lead to meaningful exchanges that enhance the lives of everyone involved! But most importantly i strive to build confidence in my student's so they can reach their full potential.

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