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New Year - time of transition

New Year is a time of transition, with new opportunities and adventures . We also reflect back on the last year where maybe we had transformative moments, be it gains, losses, successes or set backs. Our Yoga practice can support us in finding our way.....

Through reflection comes awareness of which action can arise. By committing to our Yoga practice through asana, meditation and mindfulness practices all of which can help ground us and open us up to new possibilities...a time of transformation.

It's a reminder to stay connected to your true self whatever life may bring us. It's not so much about changing who you are but finding your true self. In Yoga we can make space, find new energy and be present. It's time to create things you are passionate about and that spark you joy. And letting go of anything that does not serve you or brings you down.

We have the power to decide how we choose to cultivate our outlook, how we react to things and what we read, see, hear really does impact us so it's important to think about this and make any changes you need to connect back to your core being such as Yoga and Meditation.

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