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Reverse Warrior Bex Triggs
Yoga Alliance acreditation


Registered Yoga Teacher,

(Yoga Alliance Professionals UK)

Bex has been practicing Yoga since 2014 and became a qualified yoga teacher in 2020. Her journey through her own Yoga practice has changed as she embarked initially on the physical side of the practice with an intention to relieve ongoing tightness and pain in her body. Overtime she has experienced a shift in her practice slowing down movements, experiencing mindfulness,  exploring more subtle stretching and embarking on Pranayama and meditation practices promoting ease and calm in her mind and her body. 


Her teachings are nourishing and mindful helping to cultivate a deeper understanding and connection of the self by tuning into the breath, paying attention to bodily sensations, and learning to accept reality as it is in that moment.


She encourages her students to move at their own pace and work slowly toward more challenging yoga poses which are always optional, sharing and teaching modifications  so her student's can adapt their practice for their own needs.

Bex believes that cultivating Yin (passive) and Yang (dynamic) practices creates incremental benefits to the body, mind and soul.  She combines both Yin and Yang elements in her classes.

Bex loves teaching outdoors in nature during the warmer months. Teaching within her local community which she thrives on connecting with her student's and offering a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher certification with Yoga Alliance UK

  • Hot Yoga certification

  • Rocket Yoga certification

  • Pranayama & Meditation techniques level 1 & 2  with Irina Pashkevich Bourdier,  Senior Yoga Teacher and Teachers’ Trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

  • Anatomy & Adjustments with Charlie Taylor-Rugman, Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  

  • Mentorship Programme with Pip Taverner, Senior Yoga Teacher, Trainer & Mentor

  • Advanced Yoga Sequencing with Pip Taverner

  • Teaching Accessible Chair Yoga with Dina Cohen, Senior Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga as Medicine (Polyvagul Theory, Vagus Nerve & Endocrine System) with Laura Green, Yoga Teacher, Trainer and Author

  • Yin Yoga & Taoist Philosophy with Laura Green, Yoga Teacher, Trainer and Author

  • Demystifying Arthritis and Joint Health - Dr Yogi (Andrew McGonigle)

Barre Dynamics Instructor

Bex has undertaken Barre Dynamics Instructor training.

Barre Dynamics is a full body workout to upbeat music, it fuses together Ballet, Pilates and Yoga, and provides a strength and cardio workout that tones and whole body and Core. Suitable for anybody, no background experience is required. Sequences use small staccato actions that trigger hard to work muscles helping define your physique. Sculpting and toning whilst having fun! 

Bex Triggs Flute Player and Teacher


Bex began learning the Flute at the age of 10. She has Grade 8 ABRSM certification. Bex enjoys performing in local Orchestras and Flute ensembles. Repertoire includes Classical, Jazz, Swing, 20/21st Century and pop/rock.  

She participates yearly in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Rusty and Not so Rusty workshops which offers expert tuition and guidance from BSO musicians and conductors. She plays in local wind bands performing concert's.

Bex offers Flute lessons for Adults focusing on performance and confidence building, bringing in creativity and enjoyment to learning and performing music.  She always includes lessons with duets which are fun and inspiring. Her student's  appreciate her calm and understanding way of teaching.  She has an enthusiastic passion for teaching, which engages her students to progress and perform to the best of their ability.

Bex also collaborates with a number of musicians to play Weddings and events.

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