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" As a regular to Bex's Yoga classes i appreciate that she focuses not just on the physical practice but emotional well-being as well" Lorraine

"I am really enjoying the Yoga classes, pitched at the right level and i practice in between classes at home what i am learning" - Jeanette


"Absolutely lovely Hatha Flow yoga tonight Bex. A little self care is just what I needed.

Thank you so much" Isabel

"Becky is a really good yoga teacher. Her Hatha/Vinyasa classes are fun and challenging and I’ve noticed a real improvement since I’ve been going to her classes" Claire 

"Bex is a lovely yoga teacher. Explains everything and helpful in getting my poses even better. I'm very much enjoying classes with her" Helen 

"I am having Private 1:1's with Bex, the sessions are informative and tailored to my needs" - Karen

"'My name is Annabel and I have varying chronic conditions which cause me pain and fatigue and I walk with crutches and am not as mobile as I used to be. This has caused me much frustration physically and mentally, particularly whilst working from home during the pandemic and not being able to attend classes that I may previously have been able to attend. I am absolutely loving Bex's chair yoga sessions.  They have given me a new lease of life as I can fit them into my work schedule and can adapt the poses to suit my needs.  It is also so wonderful to be actually attending a class via Zoom, as it would currently be difficult for me to attend a face to face class. Bex makes you feel comfortable, keeps a watchful eye on you and promotes a supportive and positive environment to practice in. I find myself being so much more mindful of my posture while working now and correct myself with what I have learned from my yoga classes.  I also work my favourite postures into my everyday life, which really has helped me with pain management and my whole mental wellbeing and mindfulness. I am so thankful for these classes.  They are a lifeline for me and would also be amazing for anyone who is sat in front of a computer all day and suffering because of it, or someone like me who cannot be as active as they once used to. I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to move more and wants to feel fantastic about themselves"   Annabel

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Flute Teaching Testimonials

“Bex is always calm and positive, this has really helped me to feel confident and progress as an Adult learner,” Suzie  

"Becky has worked wonders for me and my flute!  Quick to praise, but never losing sight of the quality which she would like me to achieve.   Always so encouraging that I feel revitalised after each lesson and ready to take on the next challenge!" Alison 

"I have been very impressed with the unexpected improvement in my sister's flute playing that Becky has achieved through her lessons. I no longer have to suffer listening to her repeatedly practising her mistakes - thank you Becky!"  Nicky Alison's sister

Flute/Piano Duo Testimonials

"Very professional duo who looked and sounded excellent for our Chinese coaches pass out ceremony recently!"  Barry from Bournemouth University

"I cannot recommend these two highly enough. Their music is beautiful and with such a mixed array of styles, they can still perfect each song to such a level that is exquisite and magical. Perfect for all occasions" Adrienne 

"Went to listen to Rebecca and Vianna today in Bournemouth gardens for the BSO 125th Anniversary event. Played some different pieces and were on for about an hour.

Sounded great, and it did actually brighten up my day, Thank you"  Eric 


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