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Yoga FAQs

What is Yoga?

Yoga is the union between the body, mind, and spirit. That’s the origins of yoga . It is a place of discovery and connection with your own body that encompasses balance, proper stretching techniques, breathing, meditation, centering the mind and spirit — that’s yoga in its real form. However, you’ll find that every type of yoga has a slightly different definition or interpretation. 

I have never done yoga before.  What should I begin with?

Even if you consider yourself athletic and sporty I recommend that you attend a couple of private 1:1 sessions with me before joining a group class. These will give you a better sense of what yoga is about, what some of the most common postures are and how to practice safely and how to practice for your bodies needs.

​What if I’m not very flexible?

It does not matter... simply be present and work with the body you have. It does not matter how far or deep you can go in a posture, you will benefit simply from trying your best, not pushing too hard and embracing the new feelings in your body. As long as you can breathe you can do yoga. Over time with a regular Yoga practice your body will become more flexible. 

Should I eat or drink before I come to class?

It is recommended to refrain from eating for at least 2 hours before a class, but it’s a good idea to drink water right up until the start. 

​What do I wear?

It’s important to be comfortable and have freedom of movement for all yoga classes. Shorts or leggings with comfortable sport top is what most people like to wear.  Yoga is done barefoot (unless it’s a super cosy class like Yin Yoga) so there is no need to worry about shoes either.

What equipment do I need?

You will need your own yoga mat and any yoga props you wish to use such as blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters. 

I’m new to yoga. What’s the etiquette?

Arrive on time, at least 5- 10 minutes prior to class. Classes start on time. Secondly, feel free to take a break at any time during class by sitting or lying quietly on your mat. 

​What if I have an injury or condition that might affect my ability to participate?

While yoga has been proven to benefit conditions ranging from sports injuries to chronic illnesses, please do let me know if you have a condition you might need to work around.  Try to tune in to your body and listen to how you feel. This will help you become aware of what your body is telling you. Yoga rewards dedication and hard work, but it is equally important to rest and recover when you need to. If in doubt always consult your GP.

What are your terms and conditions when attending classes? click here for T&C's

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