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Office Yoga 

Supporting employees with their health and wellness at this time is front of mind.

With so many employees working from home and spending more time than ever desk-bound, the focus on looking after your team's mental and physical wellbeing is becoming increasingly important.

Screen-time hours are impacting on health, with a growing number of people suffering back and neck problems and many companies citing stress as a major problem amongst the workforce. So, providing free or subsidised yoga to your employees can provide many benefits. 


I can also offer a short chair yoga session - great as a breakout during online conferences and webinars. 

If you wish to discuss how I can help provide yoga to your team -  do get in touch. 

How can yoga help?

  • A fitter, healthier workforce

  • Regular deep stretching helps build flexibility and improve posture

  • It is also widely recognised for reducing stress, tension and improving concentration

  • Breathing techniques and relaxation helps provide stress reducing techniques


The benefits of offering regular yoga for your employees?

  • It can help encourage staff to come together and help reduce absenteeism

  • Providing free/or subsidised yoga results in a convenient added wellness benefit for your staff

  • It can also provide an added incentive for recruitment and retention in your business

  • Offer private 1-2-1 yoga sessions to your staff as an added incentive/bonus 

What will your employees need?

  • A yoga mat 

  • A clear, save space of around 2mx2m

  • A method to stream the class into their home via a laptop/iPad/wifi TV etc​​

Contact me today on 07834471321 / to discuss your requirements

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