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Flute FAQ's for Adult returning players

It’s always exciting to pick up a once loved skill or hobby that you started in your childhood or perhaps a few years ago.  It's never too late!

If your flute has been hidden away in storage then it will need a service as the pads and special mechanisms dry out so the quality of sound will not be as good.  If the Flute you have is a good quality flute it's worth spending the money on a service. Otherwise if not purchase a new flute and start fresh. 

Why Flute lessons?

Having Flute lessons will help you work on the basic flute skills such as holding and correct posture. This will make all the difference in regaining tone and technique. Always worth going back to basics! 

Having lessons means you will have homework and structure to your practice, tracking progression.  Scales, chords and arpeggios are absolutely essential to practice, but playing music you love will keep the fire lit and spirits up. 


Duet playing is part of the lesson it's fun and builds up essential skills should you be part of an ensemble or band.

Where do lessons take place and how much are they?

My home  (BH6, Bournemouth)                        Your Home*

60 minutes - £40                              60 minutes - from £40

30 minutes £25                                 30 minutes - from £25

*(subject to location/travel, extra cost may be charged)

Discounts available for block bookings

How often should i have lessons?

This really depends on your personal schedule,  weekly or fortnightly lessons keep a consistent practice. But It's up to you! 

Do i need to take exams?

No (sigh of relief!) I teach adults who want to enjoy playing the flute, build up confidence without the pressure that Exams can have. But still learn and progress with their performance playing.

Do i need my own music?

If you already have music you enjoy bring to your lessons, I also have a range of music we can go through to see if anything takes your fancy, i can also recommend music for you to purchase

To discuss anything further please contact me for a free telephone call to arrange your first Flute lesson

Bex Triggs Flute Player and Teacher
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