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Yoga in Nature is healing

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Being in nature, even a relaxed walk along the beach, a hike in the forest, or a paddle on a lake allows us to nourish our senses and our souls that grounds us firmly in the present moment.

More specifically what we gain from Yoga in Nature....

  • By conscious breathing we bring pure oxygen directly to the lungs, heart and brain function.

  • Using the breathing techniques in nature we release toxins, tension, negative feelings while increasing our cell’s life.

  • We develop environmental consciousness. We create an interdependent relationship of love and care with nature, which continues lifelong.

  • We create a new experience, changing our old patterns.

  • We sharpen the practice concentration.

  • We increase the sense of proprioception (the feeling of positioning the body in space).

  • We profoundly train ourselves in balance, because the ground forces us to make the right effort.

  • We learn to be at ease. The mind quiets easily so we can cultivate inner peace.

  • We open a relationship with spirituality that means we connect to our true self.

  • We learn to adjust and we grow feelings of happiness by going out of the box.

  • We take our practice to the next level.

  • We feel and live in harmony with the environment.

Time spent in nature, we experience all the gifts of the Yoga practice within the nurturing embrace of sunshine, wind, water, and earth. Imagine being on your Yoga mat surrounded by grass, trees and plants, warm breeze and sunshine bathing your skin and taking a moment to pause in Tree Pose or Balancing Half Moon—opening the intercostal muscles to increase lung capacity so you can drink in the revitalizing rich air. Laying in Savasana listening to the song birds and hearing the sound of the river or sea. Nature connection diminishes our level of disturbance and increases our sphere of awareness, bringing us closer to our ancestral world and to ourselves.

Scientists have found that yoga outdoors relieves stress, unlocks creativity, forms new neural pathways, nurtures connection, and cultivates empathy.

Seeing how effortlessly yoga translates into the outdoor environment inspires us to bring the practice into other aspects of life, and reminds us of our deep and timeless roots in nature.

So take a moment to appreciate the many health benefits both physically and emotionally of yoga outdoors.

I offer private classes from my garden surrounded by nature contact me to book your session.

Perhaps you would like to take your session to Poole/Bournemouth Beaches, contact me to discuss further and book your session.

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