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"Unwind and Stretch with Feline Friends at Cat Yoga @ Pause Cat Cafe, Bournemouth"

Updated: Apr 5

I am so thrilled to be the Yoga Teacher at Pause Cat Cafe right here in my home town of Bournemouth!

Yes that's right you read that correctly....Yoga with Cat's!

Maybe you live locally or your having a holiday or trip down to Bournemouth so why not come along to a unique & relaxing hatha yoga class with the cats! The class is suitable for beginners. The cats are free to wander around, stretch along with you, and help you relax. It starts with a short introduction followed by 45 minutes of yoga. After the class, you’re welcome to spend another hour in the cafe to relax with the cats, have some food and drinks and mingle with other cat yoga enthusiasts.

Book your tickets here:

Classes are monthly check out the website for dates! make sure you book in advance as tickets sell fast with only 7 places available.

Yoga with cats at Pause Cat Cafe
Cat Yoga

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