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"10 Ways to Slow Down and Relax This Summer: My Top Tips for a Stress-Free Season"

Updated: Apr 5

The days are longer and warmer and moods are lifted when the sun shines.

Sometimes all of this extra time and energy leads to ...

  • MORE work, obligation, travel, creativity and social gatherings.

And we try to cram it all in and make the most of the more. Instead, to really enjoy summer, we need to slow down.

Here are my top 10 tips for slowing down this Summer

1. Shake up your morning routine

This is the perfect time to start a morning routine if you don't already have one, as the mornings are lighter. Build a little ‘me time’ into your mornings. Your body will respond to the natural morning light and give you energy for the day ahead and will promote a good nights sleep. try and get outside within 20 minutes of waking up, go for a walk or a jog. Meditate, read, practice Yoga, lift some weights. Make your mornings meaningful and your body and mind will thank you. Your mood will lift and you will feel healthier.

2. Go for a cold water dip!

Yes it’s proven to boost physical and mental health. If you are lucky enough to live near the sea or a suitable river, I highly recommend going for a dip! It’s obviously more tolerable in the Summer if it’s hot outside but even if you are in for a few minutes you will reap the benefits.

3. Become more minimalist

Owning less means less stress! Less to tidy up. Less to clean. Have a sort out what doesn’t bring your joy donate to your local charity shop. Decluttering is good for soul!

4. It’s ok to say no

Summer is no doubt the time for weddings, beach parties, BBQ’s, social gatherings, and events they are all trying to grab your attention. BUT remember you don’t have to be every where and you don’t need a fancy excuse to say no. Spend time with the people you love and attend things you enjoy. Everything else simply say thank you for the invite but I can’t make it.

5. Get lost in a good book

It’s such a great way to slow down by reading a book, take yourself to the beach, a local park or if you have a balcony or garden. Get outside and get lost in a good book.

6. Go for a walk

Take yourself for a slow mindful walk in nature, observe how green and lush the trees are and how colourful the flowers are, the sound of the birds and the smell of the air. This will help reduce stress levels and connect and ground you to nature.

7. Join an outdoor yoga class

Yoga outdoors in nature is a party for the senses! You will feel grounded, connected to nature and yourself. You don’t need any experience to join a class as Yoga is for everyone through breathwork, mediation and yoga postures. Enjoy cultivating ease and calm in body and mind.

8. Let go of technology

Leave your phone behind and see how it changes everything. Connect to those around you, to nature. Look up at the sky. Look at your surroundings.

9. Embrace time to linger

Summer is a time for slow walking, eating slowly, people watching over a coffee or glass of wine. Stargazing. Let go of your agenda, embrace the here and now and give yourself space to linger.

10. Eat fresh real food

Time to renew your diet with fresh wholesome foods, what you eat directly impacts your physical and mental health. Think veggies, fruit, eggs, nuts, unprocessed meats. Seafood. Reduce your sugar and gluten intake for maximum results and make sure you go to your local markets & support your local independent businesses.

How will you spend your time this summer? It will go by in a flash unless you intentionally decide to take steps to make it count. Most importantly slow down and look after your health and wellbeing.

Email me if you are or will do any of my top 10 tips, or why not come along to outdoor Yoga with me June - September at the stunning Knoll Gardens or book a private 1:1 on the beach with me


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